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Hints And Tricks About Growing Palms In Offices

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Hints And Tricks About Growing Palms In Offices

Since the development of the modern corporation age, people wanted to redecorate their offices in more natural manner. The best solution were plants which don’t have flowers. One of the most popular plants of this new age is palm. Palms are constantly making offices much more interesting and better places. There are many interesting sorts of plants and here are some interesting hints and tricks about growing them in your working space.

One of the most popular sorts is Areka. This sort is recognizable by its narrow, straight leaves which bends near the top of the leaf. This palm grows up to two meters.

The best thing for this palm is a lot of light and the offices are light places in general so the palms are perfect for this environment. You should keep a nice temperature in order to keep the palm growing without some major problems so keep the palm away from the heat source.You can also my bedroom set your palm and enjoy and divine.

During the summer, you need to water it almost twice a day and during winter you can do it in every 12 to 15 days. This palm is a great air freshener when it is winter season.

The next sort is Chamaedorea sort which is very similar to the previous one. Grows around 2 meters, leaves are around 30 up to 60 cm long and leaves reminds us on other similar plants etc. This plant is also a very good solution for your office.

This plant doesn’t require much care and you don’t have to bring much light to it so it is a really great plant for an office.

The next one is Rapis. This is also called “lady palm”. This palm is the easiest for growing – it grows slowly and it can grow up to 3 meters in height and also 3 meters in width. This plant requires temperature in a range of 10 up to 38 degrees Celsius. This is a simple room temperature. This is perfect for offices for various reasons. Mostly because it can live in the bad and dry air; it cleans the working space with a new and fresh air which is good for human’s respirational system. A fresh air means that your mental capabilities won’t get damaged and thus the plant is improving the ambient and the working spirit in the office.

These are three major sorts of plants which can be found in the offices of the modern era. They are quite good and interesting, improving the air quality and they are eliminating the bad air. They are interesting decoration objects and above else – they do not require much care. Palms are ideal for your houses and offices and if you ever have an opportunity to get yourself one of these palms then you should definitely get yourself one. If you have any problems or you want simply to improve your knowledge about the palms, then you can check out for more of these articles on White Tank Palms web page. Check it out and you might find much more.

From A Simple Seed To A Great Tree

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From A Simple Seed To A Great Tree

Palm trees are excellent choice if you are looking for a tree in your home or in your office. These trees do take some time in order to get a certain height. After that, you can simply replant them outside. Nonetheless, there are some interesting things that you need to know before you decide to plant palm trees in your home or office.
First of all, you need to place those seeds in a warm water and they have to be there for a few days. This is because the seeds are really hard and they have to be softened a bit before placing them into pots.

You need to change that water every two days if you want to get your seeds softened much faster. After that, you need to place those young seeds into a big pot. Usually, that would be a two-liter pot. If you want to get your plant as much advanced as you can, you need to place the seeds into high-quality organic mix for plants. This can improve your plant’s development significantly.

Usually, it would be great to use some compost in which some other plant was grown. If you have never planted anything before, then you should place the palm seeds into a fresh organic mix.
After you placed into the pot, you need to cover it up with another wave of soil mix. This will ensure that your palm grows effectively. After that, you need to put some water on it. Water will ensure that your plant can grow normally.

After some time, around a year or two, your palm can grow to a height of one feet.

This period is perfect if you want to place it in an office or you want to use it as a decoration. If you get bored, you can always replant it to some garden or outside but you need to be careful when is winter because at certain age palms aren’t able to withstand the harsh winters. Palms are plants that desire some warm climate and if you are living in some areas where cold weather is common, then you should think about a greenhouse.

Palms are really great plants for a house or a business office. They do not require much attention as some flowers. They will grow quietly near you and you will only notice when they are ready for a transplantation to a garden but it takes time for that. Your palm tree can be great also for your bedroom set or any other room in your home.
One of the famous palm trees is so called Mexican Fan Palm which can be found in LA. These palms grow around 100 feet and they live up to 150 years, which is really impressive. Check out for various sorts of these great palms and then try to grow them.

It isn’t hard at all. Palms are great trees for the office and home decorations. Check the seeds for them and you can start planting them.

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